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Mad Magazine’s Dave Berg ~ Parody Within A Parody

Just came across this great article about Mad Magazine’s Dave Berg. It’ quite a read.

Berg introduced “The Lighter Side of…,” his iconic feature of naturalistic gags, with “The Lighter Side of the Television Set” in MAD #66 (October 1961). “The Lighter Side” appeared in every issue of MAD from #66 until #356 (April 1997), and frequently thereafter, until Berg’s death on May 7, 2002. The final “Lighter Side” strips by him were published in # 423 (November 2002). (Many of the issue numbers and dates throughout this article were complied with help from Doug Gilford’s Berg checklist on the “MAD Cover Site,” an excellent resource.) Read More

Afterwards you have to read this hilarious and obscene take off recycling Dave’s work with raunchy word balloons. The Lighter Side Of Copyright Infringement.