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Country-Rock Hall Of Fame – John Stewart

John Stewart found fame as a member of the Kingston Trio before going solo in the late 1960s to spearhead the Country-Rock movement. He is best known as a songwriter having penned Daydream Believer for the Monkees. He was a major influence on Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. In any Country-Rock Hall of Fame he would be a founding member. He was a huge favorite in Phoenix, Arizona in the 1970s due to Progressive Rock KDKB FM when I was a teenager. His music seemed perfect for the desert, a soundtrack for our lives. Here’s a wonderful clip from Hugh Hefner’s bizarre Playboy After Dark series.

The Classic Albums Discography

  • Signals Through the Glass, John Stewart and Buffy Ford, 1968
  • California Bloodlines, 1969
  • Willard, 1970
  • The Lonesome Picker Rides Again, 1971
  • Sunstorm, 1972
  • Cannons In The Rain, 1973
  • The Phoenix Concerts, 1974
  • Wingless Angels, 1975
  • Fire In The Wind, 1977
  • Bombs Away Dream Babies, 1979

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