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Johnny Horton In Concert ~ The Incredibly Rare Live Performances

21 songs, 55 minutes of rare, live Johnny Horton performances from the 1950s and 1960s. All the hits are here, North To Alaska, Battle Of New Orleans, Sink The Bismarck, Johnny Reb, Springtime In Alaska and early classics as well. Enjoy

Johnny Horton – Johnny Reb – Classic Song – Amazing Live Performance

As a kid who was in love with anything to do with American history and the Civil War in particular, this song was made to order. I played it over and over on my parent’s stereo in the early Sixties. Johnny Horton’s Johnny Reb, an amazing rare live performance. Horton’s music truly crossed genres between Country, Pop and Folk, though you never sight of the fact that he was pure Country with his wonderfully plaintive style.

And here’s the original tune by the songwriter, Merle Kilgore