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David Frye Doing Kirk Douglas, LBJ , Rod Steiger & Brando Impersonations

David Frye, perhaps the greatest impressionist of all time in a Stand Up Comedy Routine from the Lennon Sisters Show in 1969doing Kirk Douglas, LBJ , Rod Steiger & Brando Impersonations.

David Frye’s Richard Nixon: A Fantasy – The Best Political Satire of the 20th Century

Maybe you had to be there – 1973, Watergate, five year of Tricky Dicky in the White House. It was stupefyingly horrendous and majestically comic. A droll joke played on the entire world as the President of the Unite States oversaw a second rate political break in. David Fyre, who was the most brilliant impressionist/comic of his day, had Nixon down cold. In 1973, he teamed with writers who included Gabriel Kaplan in his pre-Welcome Back Kotter days, to produce this brilliant album. It was iconic in its time, a must listen for the hip and the hip wannabes.

Engineer – Warren Dewey
Mastered By – RCK*
Producer – David Frye, Joe Lauer
Voice Actor [Announcer] – Windy Craig*
Voice Actor [Luca The Bailiff, The Draft Deserter] – Gabe Kaplan
Voice Actor [Pat] – Carol Hanzel
Voice Actor [Richard Nixon, Walter Winchell, Marlon Brando, William F. Buckley, Spiro Agnew, Disc Jockey, Ted Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, Howard Cosell, The Judge, Raymond Burr, Humphrey Bogart, Henry Kissinger, Rod Steiger, Jack Palance, Paradise, The Guard, George McGovern, Billy Graham, Jimmy Cagney, Henry Fonda, William Fulbright, Georgie Jessel, Boris Karloff, Nelson Rockefeller] – David Frye
Written-By – Bob Shayne, David Frye, Eric Cohen, Gabe Kaplan
Recorded before a live audience at Bell Sound Studios, New York

Read the full credits here