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Johnny Horton In Concert ~ The Incredibly Rare Live Performances

21 songs, 55 minutes of rare, live Johnny Horton performances from the 1950s and 1960s. All the hits are here, North To Alaska, Battle Of New Orleans, Sink The Bismarck, Johnny Reb, Springtime In Alaska and early classics as well. Enjoy

Rattlesnake Dick ~ Western Outlaw Theme

The Mystic Hedgehog gets in his Time Machine and travels back to California in the 1850s where he meets Rattlesnake Dick.

This is a song I sent Shelby Singleton 25 years ago. He thought it innovative, but not commercial. I do believe he was right. In case you’re interested, here are the chords and lyrics.

Verse Em-Am-D-Em
Chorus Am-D-Em-Am-D-Em

This here’s the story of Rattlesnake Dick an outlaw who didn’t have much success
He was a miner in the mountains out west but you know he never struck it rich
He left his family in the east behind they say his sister and his mother cried
The local law gave him no peace of mind they accuse him of all kinds of crimes

Rattlesnake Dick sitting round the parlor reading your dime novels
Dreaming of fame no one will remember your name

It wasn’t long till the word came back he’d fallen in with an outlaw pack
Out near Folsom on the Auburn Road was a place they called the Mountaineer Home
Tom Bell and the worst of the lot made it their favorite night spot
And they would rob ya for a buck or a dime but Wells Fargo was their favorite line


Dick was doing ninety days in jail for interfering with the U.S. Mail
He hadn’t robbed them he’d committed no crime he only stopped them to ask the time
While Dick was stuck in jail they say the boys robbed the army’s pay
They made off with eighty thousand in gold but Rattlesnake he missed the boat\


One night out on the Auburn Road Dick met his end and that was all
In his pocket it was said they found
A letter from his mother
Saying Dick please come home

Note for video buffs. This video was created in Windows Movie Maker. All images used in this video except those of the Hedgehog are from motion picture trailers published before 1964 and in the public domain.

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