Herb Trimpe ~ A Tribute

Trimpe by Davis
Herb Trimpe by Jack Davis

Herb Trimpe, one of my favorite Marvel Comics Artists of all time passed away in April 2015. I loved his run on the Incredible Hulk and virtually anything else he put his hand to during the late 60s and early 70s. I offer up a gallery my favorite Trimpe covers from that era as well as a wonderful video of Herb sketching and another of a fun interview and this tribute video we put together for YouTube.

Herb’s style was unique and instantly recognizable, incorporating the power of Jack Kirby with the flourish of Steve Ditko. He was a fan of the EC Comics of the 1950s and it showed. He defined the Hulk, establishing one of Marvel’s cornerstone characters during the Silver Age of comics. Included are a page from a piece he did for Gloria Steinem in Cosmopolitan and a cover of the Rolling Stone from 1971.

Trimpe Marvelmania
Trimpe Marvelmania Poster

Marvel Super-Heroes 016-00fcHero-Envy-Hulk-Herb+TrimpeHulk 109Hulk 118Hulk 119Hulk 121Hulk 122Hulk 124Hulk 128Hulk 131Hulk 132Hulk 134Hulk 135Hulk 138Hulk 140Hulk 141Hulk 142Hulk 144Hulk 145Hulk 146Hulk 154Hulk 161Hulk 181Hulk 188Hulk 189Hulk 190Hulk Special 02Hulk Special 03Hulk Special 04Hulk150Nick_Fury_SHIELD(1000)_014_00fcNick Fury Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (v1) 013 - 00 - FCSubby09Silver Surfer 18sf92mmw01Cap 134g01Hulk 142bHulk 142cSteinhamRolling Stone Hulk

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