Road Trip Through Iowa 1960 on Highway 30 – Ames

Classic piece of film made by the Iowa DOT in 1960 on changes to be made to U.S. Highway 30 a.k.a. the Lincoln Highway. Great footage of Ames and other small towns as we tour Iowa with Ozzie and Harriet style music chiming along in the background.
BTW, this film is in the public domain so do anything you like with it. Enjoy.

The Stoneman Family Live In The Sixties

The amazing Stoneman Family featuring Donna and Ronnie playing Bluegrass classics, Rock hits and classic Country. An amazingly talented group. Go-go boots, mini-skirts and Bluegrass music. Wow, only in the sixties.

Gorgeous Yvonne De Carlo Lily Munster Song and Dance 1965

Gorgeous Yvone Dearlo Lily Munster Song and Dance from 1965. In her mid-forties and still amazing. From an obscure Spanish documentary about strippers. What’s Yvonne doing in this movie? She snakes off a glove and her skirt at one point.It’s doubtful she knew how the video would be used. Bizarre.

Seals & Crofts – Hummingbird Live February 6, 1973

Super rare video of Seals & Crofts. The video quality is poor, but is the best I could find. I did some restoration on the audio and it’s excellent. This is for all the Seals and Crofts fans out there as we try to track down their classic live performances.

John Wayne & George Plimpton Shoot Out At Rio Lobo 1970

George Plimpton got a job playing one of the bad guys in the Howard Hawks directed John Wayne Western Rio Lobo in the spring of 1970. In this special we see him talking to Hawks about whether he’ll be killed off or not, to Wayne about how to cultivate a special walk to make oneself a star in movies and to himself as he attempts to rehearse his tiny part and while doing so is caught in the frame of a setup for another scene and chastised by Wayne. Wayne calls Plimpton “Pimpleton” throughout this special.

One in a series of wonderful Walter Mitty type adventures as George Plimpton took us inside the world of movie making.

David Frye Doing Kirk Douglas, LBJ , Rod Steiger & Brando Impersonations

David Frye, perhaps the greatest impressionist of all time in a Stand Up Comedy Routine from the Lennon Sisters Show in 1969doing Kirk Douglas, LBJ , Rod Steiger & Brando Impersonations.