A Jack Kirby Comic Book Chronology ~ Between The Covers 1940-1993

Jack Kirby ~ Portrait by Susan Skaar 1992

In a world full of Jack Kirby tribute sites, we decided to make one a little different, an attempt to track down every cover of every comic book Jack Kirby ever drew, including a few long forgotten and obscure firsts and fun stuff. In fact, we’re going to begin by putting every cover his work was first published in even though he didn’t draw the cover. It goes without saying that between 1940 and 1955 Jack was partners with the equally talented Joe Simon. Quite often the division of their work cannot be attributed to one or the other with both working on different aspects of writing, drawing and inking. But from the first, Jack had a distinctive style of his own that was obvious. Kirby’s characters had a unique body language, expressing power and movement. His faces had character. Joe Simon was an excellent draftsman and did many of the layout which Kirby took to completion. His characters were leaner than Jack’s, his faces longer and more angular. But after a few years, the two had truly grown together forming one cohesive style. After they split in 1956, Jack’s style gradually evolved into an even more dynamic style featuring characters who looked like Greek Gods come to life, brimming with mythical power and exaggerated