The Blavatsky School For Unusual Children: A Collection Of Short Stories Of The Fantastic

Blavatsky School

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How did a school named for a Russian mystic pop up in the middle of Iowa during the height of the Cold War? It’s an intriguing tale that involves dematerializing Nazi soldiers, giant ravens, Uncle Bob and the Benevolent Order Of Hedgehogs. Five fantastic tales guaranteed to amuse and boggle the mind. The first in a series of short stories, from the author of The Magical Bear Child. A humorous and intelligent collection that recalls the power of television over young minds in the 1960s. An American Harry Potter for grownups. In the vein of The Twilight Zone. Rated PG-13 for language.

Book One – Five stories with classic television themes and a mythic tale from the Canadian north woods.
Combat! – After Quinn, Rusty and Daniel watch an episode of the popular Vic Morrow TV series, The Madame Blavatsky School is invaded by two time traveling Nazi soldiers, inspiring Principal Brown to unplanned feats of heroics.
Lost In Space – Rusty promises that his Uncle Bob will build a robot just like the one on Lost In Space. But when the boys get to his workshop, they discover the robot and much more with unforeseen consequences.
Twelve O’Clock High – When the guys go kite flying, their idyll is disturbed by their classmate Ali, who duels them in the aerial arts. But in the midst of their fun, a giant raven kidnaps her and Quinn.
The Wild Wild West – Quinn recalls a family trip to California in which he met Bulgakov The Hedgehog and other odd characters amidst the exotic vistas of San Francisco and Chinatown.
Rainbow Country – A bizarre, humorous tale from Canada’s great north as Mietro’s pet bear turns out to have extraordinary powers.