Apache Junction Arizona 1975

From my home movies. A video tour of Arizona is of Apache Junction Arizona 1975, my home at the time. At exactly :36 seconds you’ll see a quick clip of Apache Junction High School in all its green glory. At :50 seconds you’ll see an extended clip of a dirigible some characters were building in East Mesa. A few weeks later it was demolished by a summer windstorm. You can see the results of this at 2:00. In-between at 1:10 you can get a 360 degree view of Apache Junction from the roof of our house on Mercury Drive. My brother and I used to sit on the roof, that’s the kind of thing we did for entertainment in the days before cable TV. The population of the Junction was about 2,000 at the time, Main Street was a dirt road and the high school on Ironwood was, appropriately, at the end of a dead end dirt road. And there are of course many shots of the Superstition Mountains scattered throughout with a beautiful sunset at the end. Ah, nostalgia.

John Wayne & George Plimpton Shoot Out At Rio Lobo 1970

George Plimpton got a job playing one of the bad guys in the Howard Hawks-directed John Wayne Western “Rio Lobo.” In this special we see him talking to Hawks about whether he’ll be killed off or not, to Wayne about how to cultivate a special walk to make oneself a star in movies and to himself as he attempts to rehearse his tiny part and while doing so is caught in the frame of a setup for another scene and chastised by Wayne. Wayne calls Plimpton “Pimpleton” throughout this special.  Filmed at Old Tucson in the spring of 1970.  Wikipedia