Jeannie C. Riley – Harper Valley P.T.A.

Jeannie C. Riley was not a one hit wonder. In fact, she scored more than a dozen top forty Country hits, but the phenomenal  success of her first hit, Harper Valley P.T.A.  certainly made it seem like the rest of her career was downhill. The Classic Song was written by Tom T. Hall and scored big in 1968 going all the way to number 12 on the Pop Charts. The tune was produced by Shelby Singleton.

Riley was born in 1945 in Stamford, Texas. As a teenager, she married Mickey Riley and gave birth to a daughter, Kim Michelle Riley on January 11, 1966. Later, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee after receiving a letter from Weldon Myrick, who heard a demo tape of Jeannie’s and believed she could be successful. In Nashville, Riley worked as a secretary for Passkey Music while recording demos on the side.

Riley’s career was stagnant until former Mercury Records producer Shelby Singleton received a demo tape of Riley’s voice. Singleton was starting and succeeding with his own label, Plantation Records, at the time. He worked with Riley in the recording of the Tom T. Hall demo song that Singleton saw potential in, “Harper Valley PTA.” The record quickly became one of the best-known country music songs of all time.

Tammy Wynette Stand By Your Man

Tammy Wynette’s signature song, Stand By Your Man. Iconic indeed. Who can forget Hillary Clinton dissing Loretta by saying she wasn’t a little stand by your woman man as Billy boy was exposed on national TV as a womanizer and even better, my God, the Blues Brothers did it. Wow, surreal. But best of all is the helmet hair. Lordy, but I think the entire ozone layer was fried just from the Country Queen’s hairdos in the 60s.

The Quest 1976 – Kurt Russell & Tim Matheson

A short lived oddity of a TV Series from 1976 at a time when Hollywood was still trying to produce Westerns and failing miserably. The model was broken and they were all looking to offbeat concepts such as Kung Fu. The Quest was in the same mode, starring Kurt Russel and Tim Matheson as two John Wayne wannabes searching for their sister who was kidnapped by the Indians. In the course of their search they run across every 1970s stereotype of mean anti-hero villain in the Old West.  It was one TV Movie, 15 episodes and out. A treat for Kurt Russel fans and not a whole lot else.