Other Lives (Reincarnation Song)

Entertaining and thought provoking song.

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The Mystic Hedgehog is a mysterious singer/songwriter in the Classic Bob Dylan-Leonard Cohen style whose innovative songs involve Reincarnation, Love and the American West. He presents these songs to you in their naked state with only the occasional melodramatic embellishment. Full lyrics and guitar chords are available for all of his songs and he encourages you to play and record his music. If you decide to press his songs to vinyl, cd or use them in video he asks that you check with him for clearance.


The Mystic Hedgehog

The Mystic Hedgehog is native to many places having made the cornfields of Iowa, the deserts of Arizona and the forests of northern Ontario his home at various times in his life. He believes in the power of the eternal soul and its ability to transcend time, circumstance and death. He may be contacted either by email @ or in your dreams if you can achieve the proper wavelength.

He’s just a poor Hedgehog with a beat up guitar and a ragged voice.