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TC Donivan

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Other Lives (Reincarnation Song)

By Donivan-Cross 

Intro Gm7 Ė Am7 Ė F Ė G

 Gm7                       Am7            F                              G

If you remember other lives it may explain the times you cry

     Gm7                      Am7                   F                    G

Be careful stepping upon fleas for they resemble you and me

    Gm7                        Am7                  F                          G

So I donít care what you may think if youíre dry or if you drink

Gm7                          Am7              F                             G

Just donít lay your fears on me because itís not a mystery


A                         Em              Dm7                       Em

I canít tell you how to live what to take and what to give

       A                              Em                  Dm7                Em

But I could show you how to laugh if you give me half a chance

A                             Em                          Dm7                Em

Donít go playing in the street with all the children that you meet

A                                    Em                      Dm7               Em

They may keep you entertained but only you can find the train

           Gm7                             Am7                           F                                          G

That takes you home and lets you breath and no one asks you for the key

          Gm7                       Am7               F                                            G

They say unlocks the mysteries that lurk beneath the swirling sea

         Gm7                   Am7                  F                             G

Just donít forget that I love you no matter what you say or do

               Gm7                  Am7                   F                        G

Youíre welcome home day or night believe me everything is right

 A                             Em                                 Dm7                Em

Before I go far from this place thereís something that I should say

         A                               Em                         Dm7                                  Em

Iíve loved you always from the start no matter who you say you are

        A                            Em                         Dm7                          Em

So please remember should the day a hundred years have swept away

           A                      Em                      Dm7                     Em

Weíre not immortal in this shell but within love our spirits will

 Gm7 Ė Am7 Ė F Ė G


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TC Donivan is a musician, artist and writer.

 And while the author has an extensive interest in Hedgehogs, is not thought to be one.