A Jack Kirby Comic Book Chronology ~ Between The Covers 1942

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Jack KirbyAs 1942 began, America was at war and Jack Kirby and Joe Simon knew that they were likely to be called up to service. Simon would join the Coast Guard while Kirby would end up drafted and serving in the infantry in combat in Europe. In the meantime, the two of them were working at a feverish rate, trying to stockpile as much material to be published they were in the service as possible to provide for their young families. The pair had left Timely Comics after a bitter dispute with Martin Goodman over Captain America royalites. DC Comics had offered them an unprecedented deal to work exclusively for them creating new comic series and reinventing old ones. They struck gold once again with The Sandman, The Newsboy Legion and The Boy Commandos. Though none survived into the modern era, all were huge sellers at the time.
Jack Kirby Portrait by Susan Skaar 1992
Captain America #10
This would be the last CA story Jack did until 1964 when he reintroduced the character with Stan Lee in The Avengers.
Daring Mystery #8
A classic S&K cover, beautiful layout. Could have been a movie poster.
Speed #16
S&K were still moonlighting with covers for Harvey Comics
Adventure Comics # 73
S&K's first DC Cover, featuring their creation The Manhunter.
Star Spangled Comics #7
Joe & Jack hit solid gold with The Newsboy Legion, drawing on Jack's experiences growing up in Hell's Kitchen, New York.
Speed #17 Adventure Comics # 74
S&K's first Sandman cover. The series would feature excellent, innovative writing, perhaps the best of S&K's career.
Star Spangled Comics #8 Speed #18 Shield Wizard #7
Jack and Joe do a guest job on the hero who may have partly inspired Captain America. You have wonder if they did as a in your face to Goodman at Timely.
Champ # 18
Another Harvey title
Adventure Comics # 75 Star Spangled Comics #9 Speed #19 Green Hornet #7
Also a Harvey Publication
Champ # 19 Adventure Comics # 76 Star Spangled Comics #10 Detective Comics #65
The Boy Commandos are S&K, while Batman and Robin are drawn by Jerry Robinson in a rare mashup for the era.
Speed #20
Champ # 20 Adventure Comics # 77 Star Spangled Comics #11 Speed #21 Champ # 21
Adventure Comics # 78 Star Spangled Comics #12 Speed #22 Champ #22
Though not credited to Kirby, it's obviously work. In fact it doesn't seem to bear much of Joe Simon style, so Jack may have moonlighted this one on his own.
Adventure Comics # 79
A rare Manhunter cover
Star Spangled Comics #13 Speed #23 Green Hornet #9 Champ # 23 Adventure Comics # 80
Star Spangled Comics #14 Adventure Comics # 81 Star Spangled Comics #15 Boy Commandos #1
BC in their own quarterly title as the war in Europe heats up for America   The Classic Comic Book Blog