Norwood ~ The Lost Elvis Movie

This relic from 1970 starred Glen Campbell and Kim Darby hot off True Grit the previous year. It was even taken from a lamentably forgettable novel by True Grit author Charles Portis. The giveaway that it was meant for Elvis Presley, besides the obvious cheesiness, is that it was produced by Hal Wallis, that entrepreneur of bad movies starring singers. That Wallis used his bad Elvis movies to finance classics like Becket 1964 starring Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole is laudable, but in the end you still get Norwood, but you don't have to watch it. And in fact you probably couldn't if you wanted to. You can't even find a clip of this loser of a movie on YouTube.

I saw it once on the late late show about a 100 years ago. Beside Glen, his guitar and Kim, Joe Namath shows up for five minutes in his first screen role along with a dancing chicken who Glen and Kim rescue from servitude only to fry him up for Sunday dinner. I'm only joking about the last part, though it would've given the movie some, yep here it comes, flavor. The screenplay was even written by Marguerite Roberts, who also wrote true classics for the screen like True Grit and Red Sky At Morning starring Richard Thomas. This forgettable film was Glen's farewell to movie making and Hal Wallis' last foray into the singer turned actor genre. And if you're interested, here's an intriguing piece on Charles Portis, who it seems was a better writer than anyone gave him credit for. The poster tells it all, Kim Darby is barely seen while Broadway Joe is right up there beside our boy Glen. So just who was the romantic interest in this anyway...   

But just think, What If Elvis had done this movie.
Well, he'd have had one more crappy movie to this credit.