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Bulgakov the Hedgehog
Stanton Greene is a working musician, artist and historian who has written several novels.

 And while the author has an extensive interest in Hedgehogs, is not thought to be one.


A Complete Database of Every Green Bay Packer from 1959 to 67

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Lombardi's Men - A Biography Of Every Green Bay Packer From 1959 to 1967 & Their Lives After Football

Weíve all heard the stories of Bart Starr and Paul Hornung, Jerry Kramer, Forrest Gregg, Willie Davis. Among the accomplishments of just those few are bestselling author, Super Bowl Head Coach and board member of MGM Studios. But there were 108 men who played football for Vince Lombardi and each one of them contributed to the success that built the legend of St. Vincent and the Green Bay Packers. This book attempts to tell the story of all of those men. Among them are physicians, attorneys, nuclear engineers and a federal marshal. Two ended up homeless and battling to recover their lives.

Vince Lombardi has been the subject of dozens of books, but until now, no author has undertaken the mammoth project of tracking every player who took the field for him in Green Bay or written the narrative drama of every season game by game.

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Brett Favre Hall Of Fame ~ A Game By Game Chronicle Of His Career With The Green Bay Packers 1992-2007

In honor of Brett Favreís election to the NFL Hall Of Fame, this is the first book to cover his entire career, chronicling his record breaking rise to the top of the National Football League. Every one of the 277 games Favre played as a Packer is here in statistical detail, set in a fast paced narrative that takes you back to the rise of the Packers from worst in the league to Super Bowl Champions. Included are all the epic games, from the first come from behind victory versus the Bengals in 1992, through Super Bowls 31 and 32, the Irvin Favre Game, the 2003 playoffs Fourth and 26 and the final overtime battle to the finish against the New York Giants on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in January 2008.

If you love the down and dirty numbers of football, this is your book. A fantasy football fanaticís bible, covering more than 300 games, the complete statistical guide to Brett Favreís amazing career. By Stanton Greene, popular sportswriter and author of The Green Bay Packers The Dan Devine Years 1971-1974. A must read for pro football fans.

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The Green Bay Packers The Dan Devine Years 1971-1974
Volumes have been written about the Green Bay Packers detailing virtually every aspect of their storied history except one, the two decades of folly that lay between the legendary reign of Vince Lombardi and their resurgence in the 1990s under Mike Holmgren and Ron Wolf. The most pivotal of those years were the four presided over by college football Hall Of Fame Coach Dan Devine. During those years, the Packers won what would be their only division title between 1968 and 1994. Their decline from that pinnacle was so inexplicable and precipitous that it has defied pundits for four decades, engendering a mythology in Green Bay that has defamed a brilliant coach.

In his time, Dan Devine was a lightning rod for opinion, generating either intense loyalty or extreme loathing. Some have called him the worst coach in Packer history, but his record belies that. He turned around one of the sorriest teams in professional football in a single season, earning NFC Coach Of The Year honors in 1972. But by the end of 1974, Devine had so polarized the Packers that a group of players had mutinied and threatened to try and forfeit the season closer. Even legendary quarterback Bart Starr had gotten in on the intrigue as he maneuvered to take over the Packers.

Devine also pulled the trigger on perhaps the worst trade in NFL history, giving up five top draft choices to the Los Angeles Rams for a sore armed 34 year old quarterback. Little remembered is his equally brilliant dealing which brought NFL Hall Of Fame linebacker Ted Hendricks to the Packers that same year.

Using contemporary sources, the author has pulled together a never before told tale of glory, ineptitude and intrigue that will shed new light on Devineís tumultuous years in Green Bay. Plus a myriad of facts, trivia and statistics including a full analysis of every regular and preseason season game from 1971 to 1974. A must read for Packer fans.
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Ghost Dance


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It began on the banks of the Ohio River in 1844 when Clayton Donegal and the renowned painter George Albert Spencer set out to explore the new American frontier. It ended a year later at the gates of Hell. What they encountered in-between became the stuff of legend. One of the most amazing Western stories youíll ever read; a tale of noble friends and savage enemies; of love lost, life, death and the totality of karmic destiny. A metaphysical journey into the wilderness of the American soul.

The Cheyenne Dog Soldier Tree Owl and legendary Mountain Woman Annie Kestrel were among Donegal and Spencerís many, odd traveling companions. Jewish immigrants, African slaves, Indian fights, buffalo stampedes and the honest and unexpected sexuality of the era. A tale of enduring love, allegory and religious revelation. Transmuting the philosophy of George Berkeley and the Greek Classics. Journey into the Akashic Records and the invisible space between dimensions. 

Inspired hallucination rooted in the reality from which it was drawn. The experiences of Clayton Donegal as taken from his 19th Century journals. An adventure like no other.

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